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ECRI Institute Patient Safety Assurance

Our patient safety team drives improvements in safety working with healthcare delivery organisations and stakeholders across all settings of care. ECRI Institute has collected more than 2.6 million serious patient safety events and near-miss reports from over 1,800 healthcare providers.
We study the events, determine causes, and research best practices. This information provides a rich evidence base that generates real-world solutions to complex safety problems. We disseminate lessons, guidance, and recommendations through alerts, in-person meetings, webinars, and newsletters.

Our members can access patient safety guidance, consulting and risk management services.

ECRI Institute Technology Decision Assurance

As the nation’s only independent medical device testing organisation, ECRI Institute conducts hands-on rigorous testing and evaluation of devices that informs real-world technology decision making across all care settings. The depth and breadth of our pricing databases enables our members to benchmark pricing on nearly 2 million supplies and more than 100,000 capital equipment items. Members can view evidence-based product comparisons based on price and functional equivalency. Through these programs and customised consulting services, we assure smart purchasing choices and safe patient care.

Cost, Quality, & Outcomes Services

Reduce clinical spend and enhance patient outcomes with integrated technology decision support solutions, pricing and utilisation analytics, recall management, evidence-based assessments, and comparative product evaluations.

Technology and Operations Consulting

Improve safety, manage costs, and ensure that medical technology acquisitions fit your strategic plans with our expert advisory services.

Environmental Safety and Construction Planning

Ensure your facility meets technology needs and maintain a safe environment for patients and staff with our advisory services and educational programs.

ECRI Institute Technology Management Assurance

Ensure safe and economical management of your valuable medical assets through ECRI’s management resources including a World leading asset management system (CMMS), benchmarked inspection and maintenance procedures and guidance that includes tools to improve the effectiveness and safety of your health technology assets.

ECRI Institute Project and commissioned work

Aside from the comprehensive range of membership resources, ECRI Institute offers an array of project work to support healthcare planning, effectiveness and safety. Ranging from large Medical Equipment Planning projects and supporting national health systems, to offering smaller bespoke projects that meet a wide range of requirements.

Online membership resources available at your fingertips by logging into the membership website. Benefit from the work of over 400 experts and the shared experience of 1000’s healthcare facilities including:

  • Device and supplier database
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Risk-control self-assessment tools
  • Complex decision modelling
  • Functional equivalents for supplies and equipment
  • Alerts & hazards database
  • Device reviews and evaluations
  • Device specification comparison charts
  • Genetic testing resource centre
  • Asset management CMMS
  • Technology evaluation and guidance
  • On-demand custom cost analysis reports
  • On-demand custom device

Consulting services, project work and training. ECRI’s expertise and experience can assist you with many diverse challenges including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Alarm Management
  • Equipment rationalisation
  • Predictive replacement planning
  • Technology gap analysis
  • OR integration planning
  • Technology horizon scanning
  • Medical Equipment Planning
  • Accident and forensic investigation
  • Data standardisation
  • Clinical guideline development
  • Safety training and workshops
  • Risk management
  • Clinical Engineering Certification
  • Specification writing