AIMS 3 is an “available anywhere” software solution for the efficient management of technology-based assets found in healthcare organisations.

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With AIMS 3, users from departments throughout the organisation including Clinical Engineering, IT, Facilities, Finance and Procurement, can access all aspects of their asset management operation from any smartphone, tablet or desktop device with intranet / internet access.

Whether you require a solution for a single clinic or a country-wide multi-facility institution, hosted on your servers or on the ECRI cloud service, AIMS 3 can be configured to meet your needs, with support for any language.
Simple pricing model, no startup costs, and fixed package pricing makes AIMS 3 affordable for all sizes of organisation.

Asset Management

  • User-Configurable screens display all the necessary information to manage assets including history, risk, manufacturer, model, life cycle cost, location, warranty, and more
  • Data quality and entry time are greatly improved by the large amount of inherency built into the system
  • Full life-cycle costs (purchase, maintenance and replacement) can be tracked on an asset, department, facility or organisation-wide basis giving all the information necessary to make accurate and informed decisions when planning ahead
  • All maintenance records, in-house, out-sourced and contracted to external providers, are stored together making them readily available during audits, inspections and investigations
  • Improve downtime and eliminate the need for resource-hungry phone requests by providing online access for end-users via a dedicated portal
  • Reduce equipment counts by utilising the Equipment Library functionality
  • Increase equipment utilisation, reduce capital expenditure, and improve staff efficiency by tagging equipment with RFID tags for real-time locations services

Maintenance Management

  • Quickly and easily create and distribute work requests to improve equipment uptime therefore reducing capital expenditure on backup equipment
  • Improve engineer efficiency by making work requests available to them on their Smartphone or Tablet
  • Easily setup comprehensive PM schedules to ensure compliance with all relevant standards and requirements. Built-in inheritance ensures new assets are not missed when added
  • Comprehensive management of spare parts, both stocked and non-stocked across multiple parts stores
  • Assets can be allocated to specific Service Departments and Service Personnel for efficient work allocation
  • Compliance with quality standards is made easier by the tracking of spare parts and test equipment used during maintenance activities

Information Provision

  • Integration with other systems, such as Purchasing, Finance and Time Management is made easy using the API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Easily export data into 3rd party applications, such as Excel, or produce a formatted report for printing using the built-in tools
  • Use the report scheduler to reduce the administrative overhead of generating and distributing routine reports
  • For the management of KPI’s and other critical information, data can be presented graphically in the Digital Dashboard using charts, graphs and gauges. Alarms and notifications can be configured for when service-critical data goes out of range

Support and Development

ECRI draws on decades of experience as the world’s premier source of independent advice and information on healthcare technology to provide expert guidance on system implementation.

AIMS 3 is continually evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare community, and regular system upgrades are included in the licence fee. Additionally, new modules are released frequently, and can be added to the system at any time.

Phoenix Data Systems Inc

Specifications may be subject to change without notice. AIMS 3 is designed specifically to meet the needs of worldwide healthcare institutions, and is produced by our partners, Phoenix Data Systems Inc., who are the owner and ultimate licensor of the software.

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