ECRI supports the healthcare workforce in clearing the care backlog.

Published on 26 September 2022

How we can help. Healthcare systems internationally are under increased pressure especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking the UK as an example, the BMJ, NHS England and other organisations have recognised healthcare workers are often exhausted, under-resourced and in need of further help.

ECRI would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the resources that can save healthcare organisations time and money, while improving safety, quality and freeing up more capacity for alleviating the care backlog. Taking some of the pressure off those we depend on.

ECRI is a non-profit organisation, currently located in 5 countries and serving over 5000 healthcare organisations. ECRI offers a range of memberships, project work and free resources. Please explore the free resources on the ECRI website in the resources section and see the COVID-19 Resource Centre over on our US website

How can ECRI project work reduce the care backlog?

ECRI offers a range of services delivered by experienced experts. Medical technology rationalisation projects, equipment replacement planning and medical equipment planning help you optimise decisions and get the most out of new or existing assets. ECRI has a long history of delivering clinical engineering departmental audits, specification writing and patient safety services such as infection control. Can ECRI’s trusted and unbiased services help support your needs and build your capacity to tackle the care backlog? See our overview brochure for a list of services available.

How can ECRI memberships reduce the care backlog?

ECRI’s patient safety memberships help prevent incidents and the associated human and financial costs through guidance, research-based reports, self-assessment tools and managing an international alerts & recalls management system.

ECRI is well known for its independent laboratories that evaluate medical technologies and provide resources including a models and suppliers database, specifications on thousands of devices, in-depth comparative evaluations, a searchable alerts & recalls database and guidance articles to help get the most value from the safest and most appropriate technologies. These tools are also widely used to help produce shortlists and request for proposals / tenders in less time with increased assuredness or identify functional equivalents to strengthen supply chains or cut costs.  ECRI also benchmarks the time and cost of managing, purchasing and configuring medical technologies.

ECRI also has a strong research team that provides the evidence base to back up your decision-making on supplies, drugs, therapies and equipment. AI, telehealth, interoperability, cybersecurity? let us give you unbiased insights. Members can request custom reports to answer their specific questions.

Membership is also available to the leading medical asset management system called AIMS 3. This will drive safety, efficiency in device management and help plan procurement.

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Whether it is getting it right first time, saving time, saving money or ensuring you have the most reliable and effective advice on medical technologies to support your role, ECRI can help. Our mission is to improve healthcare globally. Contact us and request a conversation on how we can support you in these challenging times.