Alerts Tracker

The web-based system quickly relays hazard and recall alerts throughout the hospital via automated e-mails containing information customised to each staff member’s clinical or professional area and individual preferences. The actions taken can then be recorded and monitored.
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A vast resource of key device and clinical engineering data, from both ECRI Institute and global healthcare facilities, show you how your organisation compares to others of similar size and circumstance—so you can easily identify areas to focus improvements and optimize effectiveness.
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Clinical Engineering Certification (CEC) Programme

Our independent evaluators critically and objectively assess clinical engineering areas, based on ISO 17021 standards, and conduct an assessment of your organization’s adherence to these standards. The result? A detailed and actionable plan for improved safety and medical equipment management at your facility. The hands-on CEC programme includes a baseline assessment, gap analysis, and a clearly outlined action plan to help you take the necessary corrective actions to produce measurable outcomes.


Genetic test resource to guide evidence-based clinical policy and utilization decisions. Includes a dynamic database of genetic tests and their key characteristics, evidence reports, and expert consultations. Helps you answer:

  • Which genetic tests show value with robust clinical utility evidence?
  • Which payers cover the test?
  • Which labs offer the test?


ECRI-AIMS Hospital Equipment Management System

The system provides a complete resource for managing equipment inventory information, work orders, service contracts, spare parts, purchasing and stock-control in a single, secure, comprehensive yet easy-to-use package.
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Health Devices System

A number of services are brought together to assist in the difficult task of acquiring and managing Medical Technology including:

  • Publications
  • Consulting Services
  • Web resources / On-line questions and answers forum
  • Conferences and Seminars


Healthcare Product Comparison System (HPCS)

HPCS offers unique model specific comparisons across a wide range of thousands of medical devices, covering hospital, laboratory, imaging and radiology. HPCS reports are easily and quickly generated on-line and configurable to the models of interest to you. Reports can be exported to Excel, reproduced as a pdf and inserted ino any hospital document for procurement purposes.
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Health Technology Assessment Information Service (HTAIS)

Comprehensive custom research support and information tools for evidence-based decision making on new, emerging, and existing medical devices, drugs, and procedures.

Medical Equipment Planning

ECRI Institute offers a full spectrum of Equipment Planning Services utilising some of the world’s largest databases of equipment specifications, evaluations, guidelines, standards and regulations. ECRI Institute utilises an equipment planning database designed to populate healthcare facilities on a room by room basis. Our clients include more than 2,200 public and private hospitals worldwide.

Medical Device Safety Reports (MDSR)

This database of reports derives from ECRI Institute investigations of medical device failures and related injuries and deaths over several decades. It is fully searchable and classified into three categories for ease of use.

This information is freely available to everyone without charge at:

Independent Patient Safety Investigation Services

ECRI Institute’s Accident and Forensic Investigation Team of specialists offer the highest level of independent judgement and depth of experience in the world. Experts in Adverse Incidents and Root Cause Analysis, ECRI Institute are assisted by the world’s largest databases of Medical Device problems with more than 900,000 reports on file.


PriceGuide helps healthcare providers Worldwide, save billions on clinical preference items and supplies, using price benchmarking on 2 million unique supply items. PriceGuide automatically cleans and analyses data you submit for analysis, identifying areas of greatest potential savings.


Patient Safety, Risk and Quality Services

Our experienced consultants outline the structure and key components of a risk management programme including governance, mission and vision statements, programme management, policies and procedures and organisational development.
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Risk Management Basics Course

​​​Covering all care settings, the online program provides a common foundational understanding of the essential elements of risk management: risk identification, analysis, and mitigation, including the importance of establishing a culture of safety and following up on reported adverse events.

Selectplus – Procurement Support for Medical Technology Acquisitions

Offering a number of powerful consulting prerequisites, Selectplus mirrors the procurement process with Capital Budget Reviews, Market Survey Reports, Tender and Quotation analyses, and even Service Contract Analyses.
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Sourcebase Online

Sourcebase is an international database of Medical Technology Suppliers. It contains over 31,000 executive contact names and 32,000 Trade Names with direct links to over 10,000 company Web sites and has listings for nearly 6,000 product categories.

Also part of Health Devices Gold
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Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System (UMDNS)

UMDNS is a standard international nomenclature and computer coding system for medical devices used throughout ECRI Institute’s publications, reports and databases.

Deployed in over 90 countries by more than 5,000 institutions, it is available in several European languages and remains the most internationally used medical device coding system.