Eastwood Park Training is the leading technical training provider for healthcare engineering, decontamination and estates and facilities management. Read more

Among its large and varied training portfolio are courses related to the safety, servicing and testing of a range of biomedical electrical equipment including: electro-cardiovascular; ventilation; anaesthesia and dental.  Read more

Courses are accredited by respected Awarding Bodies and Eastwood Park works with trusted industry experts and associations in the development of courses, ensuring training reflects current regulations and guidance, including regional, European and international.

Healthcare support services training available:
Decontamination & Infection Control
Dental Equipment
Medical Gases
Medical Equipment
Lift Safety & Servicing
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Steam
Water Hygiene
Fire Safety
Health & Safety
Estates & Facilities Management

Much of the training delivered is practical and based on Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs) and other specific guidance and legislation.  The training takes place in simulated hospital working environments, including a fully equipped operating theatre, a dental suite, decontamination and sterilisation facilities as well as using the UK’s only “live” training medical gas pipeline; there is also a 3-storey maintenance lift shaft.  Many of these facilities are programmed to replicate a variety of faults, creating a safe and reassuring environment in which to learn.

Complimenting the scheduled and shorter training courses – which can also be delivered at an organisation’s own site – are a number of work-based learning programmes.  These include three new degree programmes – two Foundation Degrees one in Medical Equipment Technologies and another in Hospital Engineering.  There is also the opportunity to study further to attain a BSc (Hons) Management of Healthcare Engineering Technologies & Facilities. Read more

To find out more about Eastwood Park, the full training opportunities and range of consultancy services available, please call +44 (0) 1454 262777 or visit eastwoodparktraining.co.uk